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Vendor space options (subject to availability)

We offer monthly market locations for our vendors focused on full day operations Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday.   In addition to monthly committed spots, we offer a select amount of daily locations for vendors who wish to sell with us only from time to time.  The amount of daily spots is subject to committed capacity and subject to change.


Vendor NYS Tax requirements 

All Vendors are required to have valid Certificates of Authority issued by NY State in order to sell.  Form DTF-17 is available online at www.nys-opal.com. NY advises that processing takes 20 days.  You must have a current and valid Certificate and possess and display this certificate at the market.  

Vendor rates for Monthly vendors are $65 daily for a new 12x22' space and $50 daily for 10x10' and 12'x12' spaces.   Daily or unreserved prices are $80 and $60 respectively for the same size spaces.
Vendor Location Monthly Typical Pricing: 
12'x22' Spots $780                 
12'x10' Spots $600              
We open the gates at 6am for vendor set-up and currently offer our full time vendors the ability to leave their stands in place all of the time.

COUNTERFEIT: No counterfeit, tradem, license & logo violating/diluting merchandise (NEW or USED): Including but not limited to DVD’s, CD’s, Purses, Shoes, Clothing, Perfume, Sunglasses, Jewelry, ETC. Selling of counterfeit merchandise is punishable on federal and state levels with fines and imprisonment. THIS APPLIES TO NEW AND USED ITEMS. DO NOT BRING THIS MERCHANDISE TO OUR MARKET. We do not allow the sales of used or new authentic designer handbags & accessories as their authentication cannot be made. Just Google counterfeit merchandise for more information on thi subject.

BANNED ITEMS: Alcohol, tobacco, fireworks, weapons and parts of weapons (guns, knives, air guns, swords (real, decorative or collectible), pellet guns, pellets, BB/air guns, paintball guns, crossbows, arrows, bows, pocketknives, ETC.). All toys guns new/used/collectible must have an orange tip which indicates that they are toys. No animals, ads for selling animals, drug paraphernalia, pepper spray/mace, stun guns, used mattresses, X rated, pornographic material including but not limited to magazines and movies, items requiring prescriptions or controlled substances, contact lenses (prescription AND/OR cosmetic), other illegal items. Other items can be banned at our discretion.